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Courage of Sarah Noble (The) Study Guide


Product Information

The Courage of Sarah Noble
by Alice Dalgliesh

As Sarah travels through the wilderness with her father, she needs to keep up her courage.  Will she give way to fear when her father leaves her alone to build the house?  What will happen if the Indians come?

Book Summary (54 pages)
Category: Historical; biographical
Theme: Courage
Setting: Connecticut wilderness, 1707
Novel Study Highlights (7 units)
Spelling-Vocabulary: Medium
Grammar/Writing: Complete sentences
Biblical Focus: Courage, Trust in God
Related Studies: US history, Native American tribes, settlers

Barbara’s Notes: This true story is the easiest study guide we offer and appropriate for children ready to read their first chapter book.  Boys and girls alike will relate to Sarah’s struggle to be brave and her endearing relationship with her father.  (Grades 3, 4)

Product Code: THEJDSJG42

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