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My Side of the Mountain Study Guide


Product Information

My Side of the Mountain
by Jean Craighead George

This is an account of Sam’s adventures as he lives alone on his grandfather’s mountain for a year. Sam lives in the trunk of a tree, catches and trains a falcon, and makes his own clothing.

Book Summary (177 pages)
Category: Adventure
Theme: Companionship
Setting: Catskill Mountains
Novel Study Highlights (7 units)
Spelling-Vocabulary: Med. to Difficult
Critical Thinking: Light
Biblical Focus: Creation
Related Studies: Nature, survival, outdoor living

Barbara’s Notes: Boys and girls alike enjoy this story. The book is much better than the movie. This is a good choice for students who have finished the lower level guides or 5th graders new to TLP. (Grades 4, 5, 6)

Product Code: MY CMBM588

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